Cappadocia Film Projects
Cappadocia is getting ready for the new film production projects. General secretary of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Businesses Cappadocia, "Nazif Demir" under the leadership of Nevsehir Tourism Infrastructure Association (KAPHIB) said that they will start working on the Film Plateau in Cappadocia.
Cappadocia is one of the most attractive place for shooting movies since 1960's. Since then 32 countries shooted 193 movies, tv series, documentaries, promotional videos. Having unique and natural rock formations and being in one of the world heritage site which is protected by UNESCO since 1985 made Cappadocia a natural film set for the film producers. As it is one of the world heritage site, in some parts of Cappadocia modern settlement isn’t allow. That is why still it has it’s mystic and fantastic atmosphere which make the film producers choose Cappadocia as film set. As being ready as a natural film set, expenses for filming is also less than other places. While some of the important films have high artistic values, some of them are from the type of b movies which are adventure and fantasy. Also while vast of majority of the film was shooted here, some had very short scenes here.

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