Food and Beverage in MDC CAVE HOTEL - Luxury Cappadocia Hotel

Food & Beverage

MDC HOTEL offers a variety of Turkish dishes. Cappadocia is known for its stewing of meats. Clay pots are used to produce some of the tastiest dishes in Turkey. Cappoccia has an abundance of beef and sheep farms to keep a steady flow of fresh meats in our kitchen. For those who are vegetarians agriculture in Turkey plays a huge employment roll, vegetables are exported throughout Europe. MDC HOTEL has its own organic garden where in season fresh vegetables and fruits are harvested daily for our cuisine. Cappadoccian eggplant is some of the worlds finest. 


Start your morning off with a cup of fresh coffee or tea. Then take your time browsing through MDC HOTELS breakfast buffet. Counters are ladened with fresh vegetables, variety of cheeses, olives and turkish meat slices which are a customary Turkish breakfast. In addition to these there are juices, fruits,fresh yogurt, jams, cereals, breads and pasteries to compliment an order of eggs or omelets.

Pan Dish

Finely chopped lamb,beef or chicken cooked on an open flame, served on rice and with vegetables.


Cappadocia produces some of the finest Turkish wines. Known for it’s whites , the reds  have vastly improved to be among the best in Turkey. Turkish reds are of a lighter bodied wine.  

Pottery Kebab

This Kebab is the most famous dishes of Cappadocia. Beef cooked in an oven or in open coals fire in sealed clay pot served with rice and garnished vegetables. 

Lamb Shank

Carefully selected shanks of lamb combined with organic vegetables cooked  in an oven or at times over an open fire.