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106 Premium King Suite

  • Rock Carved Rooms - Each room has been carefully designed with inspiration from past periods. Every detail will reflect you history.
  • Decoration - Our rooms are decorated with care and antique furnitures. Spacious suite room will make you feel different in Cappadocia.
  • FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN - Our spacious rooms make it easy for families with children by adding extra beds.
Room 106 This beautiful room is one of three rooms where we were able to retain basement access. As you enter the sitting area you can see that we have reconstructed this with local stone. The original foundation came out to the existing walls. The roof of this area was eroded and cut back to where the cover was sound. When we found this large room there was an entrance to neighboring 105. That is sealed off behind the large mirror in the sitting room. Obviously a very rich family lived here. As you enter to the bedroom you will see the glass on the floor displaying the cleaned remains of a tandir. Obvious a cooking room as the walls and remaining ceiling were heavily sooted. The closet and wall nooks show signs of animal tethering; the lower nook also shows the color of the walls before cleaning. The stained glass was an original hole used to ventilate the back room now the bathroom. The basement shows a tunnel going off to left of the steps. It lead to another room but we decided there was already ample accommodation space. The sitting area in the basement was once a wine making area. Grapes were squeezed and poured out a hole into a catch pot that was in the floor. The remaining area as the tunnel was used for storage. The walls were cleaned by using a hammer resembling a geologist’s pick. The rough surfaces help the oxidization process which allows the stone to harden. A smooth surface would tend to collect moisture and cause flaking. This is the way the walls were done hundreds of years ago. You will also notice holes bored into ceilings of all bathrooms and some other rooms. These enhance air circulation which is necessary in preservation of the cave surfaces. Without ventilation moisture would collect and the walls and ceilings would deteriorate. The bed, desk, closet doors and windows frames were made on site. Stones were also sized on site. Construction started in October 2009. Standing at the bottom of the stairs the area to left of the restaurant, the restaurant and reception buildings as well as all the rooms accessible via the stairs and extending all the way to the right were completed and ready for opening in February 2011. The areas above the main patio level and to left of the restaurant were faced during the same interval. At one time there were 70 workers on site.

Mini bar

Bed: 2 single + 1 double
Max: 4 People

Free Wi-Fi

Control air-conditioning, Flat screen television, Jacuzzi, Fireplace.



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